Culvert Sales and Installation

Vermilion Shell and Limestone has a variety of culvert types in any size that you need.

We can do everything start to finish on your project. We have the equipment to install your culverts and get the drainage to your business or home heading the correct way. We are dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction. Choose Vermilion Shell and Limestone for all of your culvert sales and installations!

Culvert Types:

  • HDPE Polyethylene Pipe( Plastic Pipe)

  • HP (High Performance) Polyethylene Pipe

      • Lafayette & Vermilion Parish Approved
  • Corrugated Steel Pipe

  • Ashalt Coated Galvanized Pipe

  • Reinforced Concrete Pipe

  • Polymer Coated Galvanized Pipe

  • Aluminum Pipe

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